How theCeramscanworks

TheCeramscanis a benchtop laser-based scanner that measures the volume, density and dimensional profiles of ceramic test pieces.

Ceramscan with sample

How theCeramscanworks


Each interval consists of 400 data points providing a detailed profile of the product. This assessment can be done rapidly, the results being obtained in a period ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon the chosen interval (0.05mm to 50mm) and the preferred precision. Temperature of the testing chamber can be measured automatically.

A full guide is available in帮助文件format to assist in setting up and performing tests, explaining the calculations and advising on optimum test settings to suit your product.

Sample Platform for Disposable Inserts

Disposable sample platforms provide the means to adhere samples to the platform and allow for quick removal and replacement between tests. They are located via a magnet and provided in batches of 50 which can be reusable, according to the chosen adhesive.


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