Case Studies

See how our customers are using our instruments to find innovative solutions to their testing challenges.

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How doesAHDBmeasure the Shear Force of Meat Quality? Find out about what AHDB uses their Texture Analyser for to gain competitive advantage in the Meat industry in这个视频

How does兰金measure the extraordinarily tacky grip of its patented ACE compound?Watch thisand they’ll show you how:

How does复仇者control chewing gum texture?这个视频显示他们如何使用纹理分析仪测试其创新的咀嚼口香糖以粘性

How does火星Petcare测量牙科产品的质地特征?Watch this amazing videoof their chewing robot on a TA.HD纹理分析仪in action

How doesQualisoyquantifiy their new gold standard bakery products?Watch how they use their Texture Analyser to do this

How doesCampden BRIuse their Texture Analyser for to gain competitive advantage in the Bakery industry?Watch their video

How does theNorthern Crops Institute测量面包量?观看他们如何使用自己的Volscan Profiler

How does theWheat Marketing Centerperform the bread firmness and the AACC Standard for noodle firmness? Watchthis overview然后step-by-step process

How doesSt. Andrews University测量鱼类牢固?Watch their videowhich gives advice on salmon sample preparation and optimising your test repeatability for tensile and shearing texture methods.

How does排气(一家卓越质地中心有助于食品行业实现其产品的完美一致性的公司)使用其纹理分析仪创造令人难忘的纹理记忆?观看他们的“让我们谈论纹理”视频系列

In addition, watch these Incredible Science videos:

“纹理分析仪的简介”prepared by the University of Auckland

'Crushing cupcakes – measuring the springiness of a cupcake'

'Mashing mushrooms – measuring the firmness of mushrooms'

纹理分析在哪儿e fresh and freeze dried bananas are comparedusing a TA.XT纹理分析仪


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