Stable Micro Systems User Training Courses

We offer a range of training courses – either online or at our UK headquarters throughout the year.

Texture Analysis training

All courses cover essential aspects of both SOFTWARE and APPLICATIONS training.

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One Day User Training Courses

Location: Godalming, UK


You will learn to:

Input settingsto control the Texture Analyser Run a test, save data and carry out post-test analysis

Produce graphswith different scales and axes to compare data

View calculated resultsin a custom made spreadsheet

Produce charts and reportsthat include this calculated data

Macros and Projectsand their relevance to your application will all be revealed!


The latest versions of the TA.XTplusand TA.HDplusTexture Analysers will be set up for groups of 4 people to:

Prepare samplesand select suitable methods for your applications

• See and handle a variety ofprobes and fixturesavailable for the texture analyser range

Observe variationsin products due to alignment, grain and non-uniform structure

Calibrate the instrument, change a load cell and carry out simple maintenance

Obtain advice and guidanceon your own difficult applications

Measure your own samplesby arrangement

Who should attend?

Technical and R&D staff who wish to improve their understanding of texture analysis and who wish to obtain maximum benefit from the use of theirPlusrange Texture Analysers and texture analysis software.

Course topics include:

The Principles of Texture Analysis: types of texture analysis tests and probes and attachments available

Exponentsoftware: making macros, setting up spreadsheets, creating projects etc.

Tips for better testing: how to choose the correct test parameters, guidelines for test choice, sample preparation and more accurate testing

Common problemsencountered during the use of your texture analyser and how to get around them

Interactive practicals

There will also be an opportunity to test any samples which you bring along and discuss the optimisation of their testing.

Provisional Dates

• Tuesday 14th June 2022

• Tuesday 6th September 2022

• Tuesday 8th November 2022

The charge for this training course will be £150.00 + VAT (this does not include any overnight accommodation), payable to Stable Micro Systems Ltd in advance.

Places for each course will be for a maximum of 8 people. Accommodation can be arranged at additional cost. Registration is at 9.00am. We will require a cheque or purchase order for the full amount to reserve your place. No refund will be offered but you may substitute another delegate at any time.

Training Course Organiser:Claire Venn

To arrange a place:

Tel: +44 (0)1483 427345

Email:[email protected]

More detailed training courses on a variety of specialist testing topics can be arranged on request.Please email usfor further information on either of these options.

Advanced User Training

Location: Godalming, UK

We also offer Advanced User Training Courses, usually running over three days at our Godalming headquarters.

More detailed training courses on a variety of specialist testing topics can be arranged on request.Please email usfor further information on either of these options.

Online Training

Location: Online

If you are new to the Texture Analyser, have new testing requirements or need an update on the instrument’s functionality and available features, we are now able to offer Online Training that can be tailored to your needs.

Available via Teams or Zoom, we can easily set up a suitable time to take you through items that you need to understand and be aware of – and then spend some time discussing your bespoke needs.

Items that will be covered include:

•一个总结的所有不同类型的测试the Texture Analyser can perform, so you are aware of its capabilities

• A summary of the important parts of the instrument

• How to calibrate your instrument

• Where to find the Education Zone and Application Studies to help you

• How to set up your own projects

• Choosing the correct Test Settings for your sample

• Discussing your sample preparation needs

• Running tests and discussing the curves and results.

We can also test your own samples by prior arrangement.

This Online Training Course will typically take 2 hours and is available for £300. To discuss your needs and book your course (for up to 4 colleagues), contact[email protected]

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