分析和理解您的产品 - 我们的软件提供了最全面的功能和数据分析工具,用于测量陶瓷密度。

  • 在2D或完全旋转的3D对象中查看数据
  • Drop data into a Report template – save as a .pdf
在2D或完全旋转的3D对象中查看数据1 Drop data into a Report template – save as a .pdf2

World-class software


自从发布以来Volscan Profiler在2008年,我们的数量和密度测量软件继续改善和开发,现在为Ceramscansoftware.

Unique features

软件written and developed in-house and durability of software


3D抓取和旋转观看 - 在所有带有用户定义产品颜色的飞机上旋转

Automatic temperature measurement of chamber at start of each test

Volume verification possible

语言编辑器 - 菜单项和操作员消息可以使用提供的插件工具轻松地转换为您自己的语言。

Full guide available in Help file format advising on optimum test settings and sample data



Multiple samples can be scanned within one test and then extracted individually





Product Density, Volume, Weight, Specific Volume, Length, Surface Area, Max Height, Width at Max Height, Aspect Ratio at Max. Height, Max Width, Height at Max. Width, Aspect Ratio at Max Width, Height of Middle Slice, Width of Middle Slice, Aspect Ratio of Middle Slice, Minimum Enclosing Circle, Max. Inclusive Square Volume, Trim Percentage, Circumference.

Free software updates for the life of your instrument

Unmatched continuously enhanced software comes as standard and updates are available to download free of charge from our website. Updates include any small bugs that are found, new features that have been suggested by our users and additional application notes written for your interest. Sign up to our newsletter and never miss an update.

雷竞技苹果app下载稳定的微型系统可以保证Volscan Profilersoftware is operational in Windows operating systems from Vista through to Version 10. This is important to consider as, when your laboratory computer goes down and a new one is installed, you’re likely to have a newer Windows operating system. We’re checking the future is fully-functional for you all of the time!

我们相信我们的产品,我们也提供惠imentary technical support for the life of your instrument.

Data Analysis, Manipulation and Viewing Options



Typical software screens Typical software screens

All data is saved in spreadsheet files for easy access and analysis [5]. This data can be viewed in or exported to Microsoft Excel.


Typical software screens

可以通过单击该结果来快速发送电子邮件邮寄到button [6] which automatically opens up a message window in Outlook and attaches the active window [7].

A Report template is available into which your data can be dropped and automatically positioned with test data fields or modified using full Report Editing tools and saved as a .pdf file [8].

Typical software screens

Alternatively, images and data can be copied and pasted into other applications [9].

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