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The success of the measurement depends on the means of being able to hold the sample in order to pull away from it and measure the ‘withdrawal’. Stable Micro Systems has a wide range of solutions for the purpose of holding down a product in order to be able to successfully measure its adhesive properties. The operator is given the ability to control the data acquisition rate (2000pps advised for maximum detail collection from a quick test), the probe separation rate, the probe material and a controlled force to apply to the sample.


Adhesive properties can be the most desirable characteristic of a product e.g. adhesive pastes or tapes, confectionery products and thereby their salient feature or can be a major issue for a product, e.g. dough, and can cause production stoppages and product failures. The ability to measure this property will allow manufacturers to control the quality of a product or assess stages in production so as to avoid downtime

InExponentsoftware a special test is available called an ‘Adhesive Test’ which focuses on the measurement of this property. It allows the testing probe to approach the sample at a chosen speed and then apply a chosen force for a chosen period of time (to allow a good controlled bond to be achieved between the two surfaces). After this time the probe then withdraws to a chosen distance at a chosen speed in order to measure the force to separate the two surfaces and provide a measure of stickness/adhesiveness. The maximum force is usually taken as the measurement of stickiness. Area under the positive region of the curve is termed 'Work of Adhesion' and the distance travelled away from the sample before separation is often used as a measure of 'cohesiveness'. In the case of e.g. mozzarella cheese and caramels this distance has been termed 'stringiness' or ‘tailing’, and for adhesives and paints has been termed as 'peaking' or 'legging'.




Adhesiveness, stickiness, tackiness, peel force, cohesiveness, tailing, stringiness, legging, work of adhesion etc.

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