Powder & Granule Product Physical Property Measurement


Measure a multitude of physical properties from powder to end product

Anyone who handles powders on a regular basis will know how influential their physical properties are on the speed of a production line, storage capabilities or the ease of manufacture of, for example, tablets. Stable Micro Systems will leave you fully equipped to measure any property you need, be it unconfined yield stress, powder caking, granule friability or product cohesion. When coupled with a Powder Flow Analyser, the Texture Analyser gives you an even more comprehensive range of testing solutions for both your powders and end-products which is unrivalled. Users can experience a suite of well established testing possibilities such as uniaxial compression with the Powder Compaction Rig, diametral tablet compression using cylinder probes and granule compressibility using a Granule Compaction rig. Single particle mechanical strength and progressive swelling/disintegration of granules or pellets benefit from a distance resolution of half a micron. On the production line, test methods can be employed to assist in formulation development, quality control and checking for variation within or between batches.

A wide range of POWDER AND GRANULE PRODUCT test methods is built into指数纹理分析仪软件和will automatically load at the click of a button. We help make your testing quicker to access and the analysis of your product properties already prepared for you.


当不存在测试解决方案时,我们继续进行开发 -粉末流量分析仪未结合的屈服应力测量系统are classic examples of our developments.

从头到尾,没有人更致力于测量粉末和颗粒产品的物理特性,以提供最完整的测试解决方案 -雷竞技能提钱出来吗 但不要仅仅接受我们的诺言,read an example of what our customers have to say.

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Any of thetexture analyser rangecan be used for the product tests listed.

在此应用区域中通常使用的特殊附件和典型测量值如下所示,尽管这不一定包括可用于测试粉末和颗粒产品的完整范围。测试程序包括:压缩,穿刺 /穿透,张力,断裂 /弯曲,挤出,切割 /剪切。

Multiple granule compression using Cylinder Probe


Can provide a means of measuring the progressive swelling of granules/pellets.

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